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Work Sheet

This is a simple worksheet to help create a logline


Download Worksheet here

Answer these questions.
If you have multiple answers that’s fine, don’t leave any questions blank.

  • Who is your protagonist? (no names, The description that is most important to the story)


e.g. Wife, Detective, bookshop owner.

  • What word best describes your protagonist? (Show their mindset, emotion or status)


e.g. Secret, Deaf, Independent.

  • What ‘event’ takes your protagonist out of their normal world? This is the moment they are forced to go on their journey


e.g. Lose a job, Catch spouse cheating, discover magic powers.

  • What is your protagonist’s goal? (What are they trying to achieve?)


e.g. New job, revenge on a spouse, want to be the best in the world.

  • What or Who is the antagonist getting in the way of the goal? (It can be more than one)


e.g. Evil stepmother, Zombie Apocalypse, A better competitor.  

  • What is the main conflict of the story? (This is key to making things difficult)


e.g. Aliens invading, Unable to find groom, sinking ship.

  • What are the stakes? (If the protagonist fails)


e.g. Death, life in prison, loss of family.

  • What is the action pushing the story along?


e.g. A prison break, staying alive, A wedding.

  • Is there a ticking time bomb?


e.g. Deadline for goal, terminal illness, an actual bomb.

  • What does your protagonist want? What do they (unknowingly) need?


e.g. Want to be free from prison, needs to be free from their past. Wants career needs love.

Pick your best and most concise answers

Protagonist –

Inciting Incident –

Antagonist –

Goal –

Stake –


Action –


Ticking time bomb –


Genre / Theme –


Protagonist wants/needs?



Take that information, and play with it, move it around. Keep trying new things.


A worried Writer (protagonist) Can’t write (inciting incident) because of Writer’s block (antagonists) he decides to fill out a worksheet (action) So that he can write his logline (goal) or no one will ever read his script (stake)

(ticking time bomb) (genre/Theme) (protagonist wants/needs)


With her deadline approaching (ticking time bomb) A worried Writer (protagonist) must write a logline (goal) (want) or risk losing everything (stake). She sets out to catch the pen thief (Action) (Antagonist) only to discover that she is the pen thief.



(genre/Theme) (protagonist wants/needs)

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