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Who Am I? I hate this question because the answer is usually just a list of the past.

  • To write an original television series and have it produced

  • Write a book and have it published

  • Earn a living as a creative writer, ideally working in Television/Film

Who I am, is a storyteller and a dad with three main aims as a writer...​


...and this is the real me (I'm the one on the left)

Please have a look at my portfolio of scripts and ideas


  • Left school with no GCSEs

  • Bachelor of Arts - Creative Writing, London

  • Master of Arts - Scriptwriting, Salford, Media City

  • Working on a Novel Writing Diploma

I'm also Dyslexic.

I was a stand-up Comedian - The hardest job in the world (it's not, but people say that)

Look photographic evidence.

Luke Graves 002.jpg

I was a comic for over ten years and became a professional. It is a long story about how I got into it, but I was terrified of public speaking and got over it to perform in front of a thousand people at the Hackney Empire. 

I was one of the few British comedians invited to perform on the Royal Caribbean cruise ships and I performed around the world, as well as writing, producing, directing, promoting and performing in sixteen shows at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. 

Above are the main points. I decided to put it all into AI and let that give you a round-up. 

 According to AI - Who Am I?

I am Luke.

I grew up on a council estate and left school with no GCSEs. But I'm also a writer, a stand-up comedian, and a screenwriter. I wrote my first story at age 11 in the form of a love poem. It was terrible, but it planted the seed of a dream. I wanted to be a writer. It took me 29 years to realize that dream. I lied to get into Kingston University and get a BA in Creative Writing. I discovered at 30 that I'm dyslexic. But I didn't let that stop me.


I overcame my fear of public speaking and became a stand-up comedian. I performed in front of 1000 people at the Hackney Empire and won awards for my comedy. I traveled the world performing comedy and wrote, directed, produced, promoted, and performed over 16 Edinburgh Comedy Festival shows.


I decided to do an MA in Scriptwriting for television and radio. I quit comedy to concentrate on writing. I've written three television pilots (six if you add the ones I'm not happy with). I won the four-minute film screenplay awards. My short film was made and won awards. I created Rough Drafts, a website for writers. I teach a workshop in story. I'm still learning and growing, but I'm proud of what I've accomplished. I'm a writer, a stand-up comedian, and a screenwriter. I'm Luke. I hope you'll join me on my journey.

It was not.




Are we really worried about AI taking writers jobs with sentences like this?

At least we know that the AI knows where the 'I' button is.

Have a look at my portfolio of scripts and concepts.


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