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Standing Up to Doubt




About the Course

Your Instructor

Luke Brown-Graves

Luke Brown-Graves

Luke Brown-Graves is a writer and former comedian with a wealth of experience in storytelling. He has written an award-winning short film, multiple Edinburgh Festival shows, and stand-up routines that have taken him around the world.

In his writing workshops, Luke shares his expertise in storytelling with students of all levels. He has a knack for putting people at ease and helping them to tap into their own creativity. He also has a deep understanding of the elements of storytelling that make a story engaging and memorable.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced writer, Luke's workshops will help you to:
• Develop your own unique voice as a storyteller.
• Learn the essential elements of storytelling, such as character development, plot structure, and
• Get feedback on your work from an experienced writer.
• Build community with other writers who are passionate about storytelling.

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