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Script Development



Script Development

After reading through your script, we'll do a deep dive to see what is working and what needs improvement. Then together we will discuss one-to-one how to develop your project and the directions that it can go in. Looking at structure, character, and plot. As well as motivations, character journeys and themes to get your script to the next level. 


Who This Service Is For

  • Screenwriters that are stuck on their screenplay

  • Filmmakers looking to develop their scripts

  • Anyone who wants to improve their screenwriting skills

What You Will Get

  • A deep dive and analysis of your script & Feedback 

  • One-to-one Consultation 

  • Ideas session - To develop and create ideas, characters arcs and plot

  • A story plan to help you take the script to the next level.


Introductory Offer, Only £60

(This price is until November 1st 2023 - Full price £99)

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