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Feedback within 5 days


When you write a script, it's easy to get too close to it and lose your objectivity. A script reading service provides you with an outside perspective on your work and helps you identify areas that need improvement.

​Our aim is to provide an affordable service that doesn't just tell you what is wrong with your script, but what is working. We want to encourage you and help improve your writing at the same time.  

Who This Service Is For

  • Screenwriters who want feedback on their work

  • Filmmakers who are looking for input on their scripts

  • Anyone who wants to improve their scriptwriting skills

What You Will Get

  • A written report on your screenplay

  • Specific feedback on your writing, structure, characters, dialogue, and more

  • See an example of a written report here

  • Added extra - For an extra £10.00 fee we offer a one-to-one discussion of the feedback

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