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One-hour Talk with Q&A

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The most important aspect of writing is the story, the second is actually writing.

 'Story Talk' is a one-hour talk for all those people who think "I want to write but..." It solves the problems of why you don't write and gets you started.


We also look at the positives of writing for wellbeing and how it can help you look after your mental health. 

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” - Maya Angelou

Luke brings the idea and enthusiasm of writing to everyone, inspiring people to use writing to help themselves. 

If you would like to attend a talk or are a venue/organisation that would like to host a Talk, register below, and I will contact you within 24 hours.


Also available - One-day Workshops and Story Development.

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About me


Welcome to Story, my aim is to help writers understand the most important element of writing: Story. Then secondly, to actually write. At the same time, building writing confidence and providing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to create. No matter your experience, no matter which format you want to create in (novel, screenplay, short story, shopping list) writing is something that everyone can enjoy and feel the benefits to your mental wellbeing.

Hi, I’m Luke, I’m a writer, I have been since I wrote my first dodgy teenage poem at twelve, and I have never stopped (although I quit the poetry, hopefully, got better and show people now). After years of struggling with the inner need to be a writer but not knowing how, I managed to lie my way (lies are just stories) into university to study creative writing, the first thing the university taught me was that I was, am, dyslexic. Luckily for me, at the same time, I discovered stand-up comedy, a form of writing that uses short, edited stories, hundreds of ideas and doesn’t care about spelling.

Despite leaving school with no GCSEs, I now have a creative writing degree, a master's degree in Scriptwriting for television and radio and lots of student debt.

As a writer, I spent over ten years as a professional stand-up comedian (yes comics write, they don’t just make it up as they go) performing in over thirteen countries and taking multiple shows to the Edinburgh Festival. I’ve won writing competitions and had my short film Angel Falls made, which won multiple awards (see below).

My workshops are friendly and relaxed, they can be interactive but no one is ever under pressure. I aim to inspire you to enjoy writing and offer guidance that will make writing easier. I don’t agree that you are either a writer or you are not, writing is fun and can be a hobby. Personally, I find writing therapeutic and a daily sense of enjoyment and achievement.

If you want to try writing, whether you have dreams of being the next JK Rowling or you just want to write for yourself, register an interest Above.


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If you have any questions about courses or writing, feel free to email me

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